Stephen Moore, Trump’s Feeble Fed Pick

Stephen Moore, Trump's Feeble Fed Pick

Stephen Moore, political pundit and doctrinaire supply-side dolt, wrote an ill-informed Wall Street Journal op-ed blasting the Federal Reserve. The Journal booted him for being a political hack, but Donald Trump nominated him for the Federal Reserve Board.

Mr. Moore is not an actual economist, but that’s no barrier in today’s Republican Party. He’s been at the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute, worked on Ronald Reagan’s Privatization Commission, and helped Dick Armey draft the so-called FairTax proposal, essentially a regressive tax on the poor. More to the point, he worked on the 2016 Trump campaign and co-authored Trumponomics, a 2018 wet dream of low tax rates for the rich.

Stephen Moore knows all about Federal taxation; he owes the IRS more than $75,000 in back taxes. He also shares the Trump Administration’s respect for law and family values; a Maryland court held him in contempt for failing to pay his ex-wife over $300,000 in alimony and child support.

Who thinks Stephen Moore is a bad choice for the Fed? Real economists. A whole lot of them.

Who (besides Donald Trump) thinks Stephen Moore is a great Fed choice? Former cable TV pundit and Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow, a man with an even worse record on the economy than Stephen Moore.

President Trump may have found a way to make Stephen Moore look a bit better. He plans to nominate pizza czar Herman Cain of “9-9-9 Tax” and sexcapade fame to the other vacant Federal Reserve Board seat.


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