Stephen Miller Wouldn’t Let His Own Great-Grandparents Into the US

Stephen Miller Wouldn't Let His Own Great-Grandparents Into the US

After cutting the number of U.S. refugees in half last year, White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller wants to slash it even more. The US resettled about 97,000 refugees in 2016, slightly under the 100,000 limit. In 2017 the country admitted 33,000 refugees, well under the 44,000 cap, an historic low. That’s not low enough for Stephen Miller; he wants 2018 refugee admissions limited to 15,000. Indications are that the Trump Administration will ultimately lower the refugee cap to 22,000. This is in the face of a global refugee crisis, the worst since World War II. Jennifer Arangio, a senior White House official, annoyed Mr. Miller and cronies by advocating honoring US international refugee agreements, and was fired late last month.

Stephen Miller’s maternal great-grandparents, Wolf and Bessie Glotzer, arrived in New York in 1903 as refugees from anti-Jewish rioting in Belarus. They were broke, didn’t speak English, and were “chain migrants,” joining Wolf’s brother-in-law, Schmuel Levine, a Russian army draft dodger, who had come to the US before them.

Think Stephen Miller would have let people like that enter the country? Even his own uncle doesn’t think so.


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