Trump White House: Exit Only

Trump White House Staff Stampedes for the Exit

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was dismissed over Twitter. Over three dozen Trump staffers that have resigned, been fired, or been reassigned since Trump took office, an attrition rate of 43%, more than five times the rate of recent administrations. One-third of the White House staff has left. Add to that the countless holdover appointees who have left and the career diplomats and civil servants who escaped the chaos, and you have a government that’s been hollowed out. And you can guess the kind of people who would want to work for such a capricious and studiously uniformed (and uninformable) Chief Executive.

And remember, Trump only fired 15 people each year on The Apprentice.

Notable Trump Administration departures:

Steve Bannon
William Bradford
Rachel Brand
Ezra Cohen-Watnick
Gary Cohn
James Comey
Mark Corallo
Reed Cordish
Tera Dahl
Craig Deare
Rick Dearborn
Michael Dubke
John Feeley
Brenda Fitzgerald
Michael Flynn
Steve Goldstein
Sebastian Gorka
Derek Harvey
Hope Hicks
Carl Higbie
Rich Higgins
Carl Icahn
Jamie Johnson
Jeremy Katz
Gerrit Lansing
Vivek Murthy
Omarosa Manigault Newman
John McEntee
K.T. McFarland
Rob Porter
Dina Powell
Tom Price
Reince Priebus
Josh Raffel
Angella Reid
Anthony Scaramucci
Keith Schiller
Michael Short
George Sifakis
David Sorensen
Sean Spicer
Rex Tillerson
Katie Walsh
Taylor Weyeneth
Sally Yates


Andrew McCabe


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“Trump’s Problem Isn’t Who’s Leaving—It’s Who’s Staying,” Margaret Carlson, Daily Beast


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