Trump School Safety Plan

Trump School Safety Plan
After last week’s tragic shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, President Trump determined how to stop  further school shootings: give teachers guns. The idea was met with horror and roundly condemned by the teachers’ union, law enforcement, military veterans, individual teachers, and students.

Mr. Trump claims that 20% of K-12 teachers are military veterans, but the number is closer to 1%. The president says that “gun-adept” teacher vets should get a “small bonus” for packing heat in the classroom, and claims he can find the money to do so, at a time when teachers have to pay for student supplies out of their own pockets.


Want to know why arming instructors is a bad idea? Hear from a former teacher,”  Monica Rhor, Houston Chronicle 

“What happens to teaching and learning if educators holster 9mm Glocks on their waistbands?” Valerie Strauss, Washington Post

“’No way’: Three teachers explain why Trump’s proposal to arm teachers won’t work,” Heather Timmons and Caitlin Hu, Quartz

“Gov. Rick Scott opposed to arming teachers with firearms.” Jeffrey Solochek, Tampa Bay Times

“Former RNC chair: Trump suggestion to arm teachers is ‘delusional.’” Brandon Carter, The Hill

“Trump Blames Gun-Free Zones for School Shootings, Echoing Myth Spread by NRA,” Robert Mackey, The Intercept

“Trump’s push to arm teachers gives the NRA what it wants and highlights GOP radicalization,” James Hohmann, Washington Post

“Arming teachers isn’t just a ridiculous idea. It’s a deliberate distraction.” German Lopez, Vox


“Seaside High teacher accidentally fires gun in class, students injured,” Amy Larson, KBSW-TV


“5 Ways the Trump Budget Undermines Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety Efforts,” Chelsea Parsons and Scott Sargrad, Center for American Progress


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