U.S. Senate Will Extend Its Hours

U.S. Senate Will Extend Its Hours

For a paltry $174,000 per annum, U.S. senators slave through a grueling 3-day work week, sometimes for almost 140 days a year. Now cruel Kentucky Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants senators to work Fridays and weekends, and even during the first 2 weeks of August, the optimal time for inspecting those critical NATO bases on the French Riviera. Is no one concerned about our nation’s defense?

This country is going straight to hell.


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One Response to “U.S. Senate Will Extend Its Hours”

  1. dee@cookingwithdee.net Says:

    Every day the legislature was not in session was a good day for me because for an analyst I would not be propositioned in the elevator by an elected official or counsel. That was before sexual harassment laws and I was making 14K per year and these guys had a “law,” that once one got near NYC no word of girlfriends, hookers or second families (yeah) made it past Bear Mountain, it was The Pact. No-one tells the wives.

    I worked 14 hours a day every day and did all my legal counsel’s work as well on my own while he pursued me, every day, They were pseudo-working 2 days a week while I was working seven days, 14 hour days, and made 4 times the money to show up and walk around all day.

    To shove him off about “getting to know me” I agreed to met him at my favorite burger place where I knew everyone. He dropped me off at home and said the worst line I’ve ever heard. “You’re an attractive woman, I’m a man, we both have needs…..” Really? I locked the door and friends were there and I almost had an accident before getting to our bathroom from laughing too hard.

    People who work (or don’t) 2-3 day per week for $174K and get health insurance we cannot obtain as citizens should be fired by their voters.

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