Civil Rights Cases To Be Scaled Back Under Betsy DeVos

Civil Rights Cases To Be Scaled Back Under Betsy DeVos

“The Department of Education is scaling back investigations into civil rights violations at the nation’s public schools and universities, easing off mandates imposed by the Obama administration that the new leadership says have bogged down the agency.

According to an internal memo issued by Candice E. Jackson, the acting head of the department’s office for civil rights, requirements that investigators broaden their inquiries to identify systemic issues and whole classes of victims will be scaled back. Also, regional offices will no longer be required to alert department officials in Washington of all highly sensitive complaints on issues such as the disproportionate disciplining of minority students and the mishandling of sexual assaults on college campuses.

The new directives are the first steps taken under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to reshape her agency’s approach to civil rights enforcement, which was bolstered while President Barack Obama was in office. The efforts during Mr. Obama’s administration resulted in far-reaching investigations and resolutions that required schools and colleges to overhaul policies addressing a number of civil rights concerns.”

— “Education Dept. Says It Will Scale Back Civil Rights Investigations,” Eric L. Green, New York Times

Candice E. Jackson, appointed by Secretary DeVos to run Education’s Civil Rights office, first gained notoriety as a Stanford student when she complained that she had suffered discrimination because she is white. Who better to reverse Civil Rights progress than someone who claimed “reverse discrimination?”


“Government Watchdog Will Investigate Trump Administration on Civil Rights,” Elena Gooray, Pacific Standard

“Betsy DeVos Faces Pushback After Scaling Back Investigations of Civil Rights complaints,” Annie Waldman, Pacific Standard


“Trump official apologizes for saying most campus sexual assault accusations come after drunken sex, breakups,” Katie Mettler, Washington Post


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