Betsy DeVos Taps ‘Reverse Discrimination’ Whiner for Civil Rights Post

Betsy DeVos Taps 'Reverse Discrimination' Whiner for Civil Rights Post

Civil Rights Office Renamed

Secretary of Education Betsy Devos has named attorney Candice Jackson as acting head of her agency’s Office for Civil Rights. Ms. Jackson seems to share Ms. Devo’s belief that public education programs should be eliminated, has condemned feminism and, while a student at Stanford University, complained that she suffered discrimination because she is white.

Candice Jackson had an underprivileged childhood. Her father labors as a humble family medical practitioner and had to take a second job as a singer of Christian Country Music. She survived Stanford and Pepperdine Law School, had a fellowship at the paleolibertarian Ludwig von Mises Institute (where she wrote a book report), litigated for right-wing legal pest Judicial Watch, wrote for Reason and The Federalist, and penned a book slamming the Clintons, published by conspiracy peddler WND.

Ms. Jackson then opened a private law practice in San Marino California specializing in “business, entertainment, and litigation matters” for a range of clients, “from restaurants to medical clinics, and from authors and musicians to filmmakers and record labels.” Coincidentally, her immediate family owns a medical clinic and small businesses, she herself wrote a book, and her brothers are actors and musicians and have a recording label. In her new position at the Department of Education, Candice Jackson will supervise a staff of 550 attorneys and investigators.


“DeVos Pick to Head Civil Rights Office Once Said She Faced Discrimination for Being White,”  Annie Waldman, Pro Publica


“Trump suggests financing for historically black colleges may be unconstitutional,” Michael Stratfor, Politico


“Trump official apologizes for saying most campus sexual assault accusations come after drunken sex, breakups,” Katie Mettler, Washington Post


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