Steamy Scandal in the Heart of Dixie

Steamy Scandal in the Heart of Dixie

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley appears to have had an affair with a top aide, Rebekah Caldwell Mason, a married woman. That’s been pretty embarrassing for the “Love Gov,” a former Sunday school teacher, who was married at the time, but it gets worse. While Ms. Mason was the governor’s senior political adviser, it still wasn’t legal for him to use campaign funds to pay for her legal defense. As usual, the cover-up is worse than the sexy-time crime.

On Wednesday the Alabama Ethics Commission found probable cause that Governor Bentley violated the Alabama Ethics Act and the Fair Campaign Practices Act. On Friday the state’s House Judiciary Committee released a 3,000-page report with scandalous details about security personnel seeing Ms. Mason “leaving the office with her hair tousled and her clothing in disarray,”mushy text messages between her and the Gov, and allegations the governor threatened his wife’s staffers for talking about the affair. On Saturday the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that the legislature can go ahead with impeachment proceedings, and lawmakers are expected to begin impeachment hearings today.


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3 Responses to “Steamy Scandal in the Heart of Dixie”

  1. Real World Realist Says:

    He’s a great governor, almost as good as governor George Wallace lol

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Alabama fact: Lurleen Wallace (George’s spouse) was the state’s first woman governor; Kay Ivey is now the second.

  3. Real World Realist Says:

    She was only the governor because you could be governor but a consecutive amount of times, so George let her run be governor so he still was pretty much governor lol I live in northwest alabama, I’ve never lived anywhere else

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