Trump Economic Policy

Trump Economic Policy

Donald Trump — meat purveyor, TV reality star, and Republican presidential candidate — trotted out some phrases disguised as an economic plan on Monday. They were phases familiar from the last 30 years of the GOP’s trickle-down, deregulating, big-corporate, no-taxes-for-the-rich philosophy, the failed policies that crashed the world economy when Republican leadership was last inflicted upon the nation, making the rich even wealthier at the expense of the rest.

After lambasting the Republican elites and their policies during the primaries, why is Mr. Trump suddenly embracing the old GOP worldview? Looks like he wants those wealthy guys to fund his general election campaign– he’s peddling high-dollar tickets to fundraising events at the homes of the rich. No wonder he named “six guys named Steve” and other billionaire hedge fund and real estate speculators as his “economic advisers“.


“Sliding Trump Seeks Solidarity With Establishment He Spurned,” Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg

“Donald Trump Sells Out to Trickle-Down Economics,” John Cassidy, The New Yorker

“Trump’s Frankenstein economics,” Ben White, Politico


“Donald Trump wants to slash your child care bill. But he’s doing it all wrong.” Jeff Spross, The Week


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