Dieselgate: VW & Bosch

Dieselgate: VW & Bosch
11 million Volkswagen diesel cars have emissions-test-cheating software that allows them to produce lower emissions when tested by regulators and higher-performance dirty exhaust while they’re actually on the road. Volkswagen engineers were certainly involved in this scam, but the Wolfsburg firm may not be the only one snared in the Dieselgate probe. VW electronic equipment and software is built by Robert Bosch GmbH, and Reuters is reporting that the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the Bosch involvement:

“Bosch provides the engine control module, called EDC17, and basic software for nearly all the four-cylinder diesel cars sold in North America …. Those systems regulate how a vehicle cleans burned-up fuel before it is expelled as exhaust.”

“For authorities to bring charges against Bosch, they would have to prove the supplier knew that their technology was being used by Volkswagen to evade emissions requirements ….”

“But it is not clear what role Bosch played, how closely it worked with VW to modify the engine management software and how much it knew about VW’s intentions to use software to cheat on emissions standards.”

—  “Exclusive: U.S. probes Bosch in VW cheating scandal – sources,” Joel Schectman, Reuters

“German newspapers have reported that Bosch told Volkswagen in a 2007 letter that the use of Bosch-made software to manipulate car emissions was illegal,” according to the  Wall Street Journal. If DOJ prosecutors can verify that Bosch knew VW was hacking their software, the carmaker won’t be the only firm in the hotseat.


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