Boehner: ‘Bye-Bye. Sniff.’

Boehner: 'Bye-Bye. Sniff.'
After speaking with Pope Francis this week, House Speaker John Boehner (R, OH – 8) resigned. His Holiness only needs one more miracle to become a saint.

Seriously, Mr. Boehner gets major props for the pontiff’s visit to Congress, and he’ll go out on that high note. And there’s an understanding that his resignation means Congress won’t shut down the Federal Government on October 1st over … something-or-other.

John Boehner leaves the Speakership  — and Congress — at the end of October. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, CA-23) seems a shoo-in to replace him; expect a Republican roughhouse brawl to replace McCarthy as Majority Leader. Ohio Governor John Kasich will decide on the date of a special election to fill Mr. Boehner’s 8th District congressional seat.


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