Martyr to the Cause of Intolerance

Martyr to the Cause of Intolerance
Rowan County Clerk Kimberly Jean Bailey Davis was led off by federal marshals, fingerprinted and photographed, and locked behind bars in the Carter County Detention Center in Grayson, Kentucky. Federal District Court Judge David L. Bunning found her in contempt for refusing his order to comply with the 14th Amendment and perform her sworn duty, issuing civil marriage licenses to same-sex couples. “Ms. Davis took an oath,” he said. “Oaths mean things.” She can get out when she agrees to provide equal protection under the law.

The judge chose not to fine Mrs. Davis, since her equally intolerant supporters would raise the money for her and she would feel no sense of compulsion to obey the law. Some Davis fans tried to set up a fundraising website for her, but GoFundMe’s policy forbids campaigns that aid any criminal defense. That doesn’t keep them from thinking of Kim Davis as the homophobe Rosa Parks, though.

Judge Bunning  ordered Rowan County’s deputy clerks to begin issuing mariage licenses to all couples on Friday morning, and five of the six agreed to comply. The holdout is Nathan Davis, Kim Davis’s son. That’s right; last year when she was elected Kim Davis hired her son to work in her county government office, just like her own mother, Rowan County Clerk for 37 years, hired her. Mr. Davis won’t be charged, since the five other clerks will serve the citizens he won’t. There may be some question as to the validity of all Rowan County marriage licenses issued while Mrs. Davis is in the slammer, since they technically require the signature of the county clerk.

We expect to see bouquets and candles left in front of the Carter County Detention Center as it becomes a shrine to Saint Kim of Kentucky, Our Lady of Intolerance.


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