GOP Healthcare Plan

GOP Healthcare Plan

Republicans have bloviated about the evils of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) for years now, even with the program’s obvious success. They’re promised an alternative, but never delivered.

But GOP insurgents have elevated an awkward phrase in the 900-pages of ACA legislation into a Supreme Court case, and a decision in King vs Burwell is expected in late June or early July 2015. If Republicans win that case they lose, since that would really hammer the residents of Red States and put GOP governors in a bind. So surely the Grand Old Party has come up with Health Plan B, right?


“Now that ruling is nearly upon us and reporters are wondering where, exactly, the Republican plan is, [House Majority Leader Kevin] McCarthy is telling them not to hold their breath, let’s not jump to conclusions, just trust that everything is under control. He and his colleagues have insisted over and over that they’ll be “ready” for the fallout of the King decision, but when pressed to demonstrate that readiness, they demur.

The reality of the situation – which McCarthy and his colleagues have worked to obscure – is that the Republicans remain as divided as ever on how to actually handle the impossibly complex task of crafting healthcare legislation. The whole exercise has been rooted in cynical politics – they’ve presented an image of legislative competence to create political conditions that would favor the abrupt crippling of a law they hate.”

— “GOP’s massive deception exposed: The Obamacare ‘contingency’ plan they still won’t deliver,” Simon Maloy, Salon


“Is GOP finally getting nervous that the Supreme Court might gut Obamacare?” Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

“There’s ‘No Easy Fix’ to an Adverse Obamacare Ruling,” Sara Goddard, Wonkwire

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“No EZ Fix for Obamacare,” Ed Kilgore, Political Animal

“The Obamacare Lawsuit Is a Government Shutdown, But for Health Care,” Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine


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