Robo-Chef Chooses What You Eat, Then Cooks It

Robo-Chef Chooses What You Eat, Then Cooks It
“A futuristic new food system aims to make convenient food that still uses fresh produce from a local farmers market,” writes Adele Peters:

“In the new system, a set of appliances is connected to an app that answers the perennial question of what to eat for dinner, and then makes it for you. The app considers the basic facts—maybe you ran for 32 minutes earlier in the day, the fridge is well-stocked, and you’re recovering from a cold, so you need a little extra vitamin C. Then it calculates the perfect meal.

‘Flavor pills,’ tiny water-soluble pods filled with organic spices and nutritional supplements, get added to one of the appliances along with fresh produce and some water. Using sensors and a microprocessor, the appliance cooks the food for exactly the right amount of time and at exactly the right temperature.

‘The ingredients and condiments are perfectly dosed, and the recipe is ‘contained’ inside the flavor pills,’ explains Marco Susani from Koz Susani Design, the firm that created the new system. ‘So, the preparation is faster and requires fewer skills than traditional cooking.’

By developing the food and appliances simultaneously, the designers wanted to make it simpler to control nutrition. They also wanted to better connect fitness tracking with what people eat.”

—  “This New Robo-Chef Tells You What To Eat For Dinner, And Then Cooks It For You,” Adele Peters, Fast Company


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Image (“Modern Kitchen, after Hanna-Barbera”), by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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