NYC Xmas Trees

NYC Xmas Trees

“Each stand in the city makes do with whatever space is available, whether it’s under the F train or in the shadow of the projects. As diverse as the locations are, each Christmas tree vendor is even more unique. It’s a New York subculture that paints a diverse and ambitious picture of the New York the city struggles to be.”

— “NYC’s Incredible Christmas Tree Seller Subculture” (photo essay), Nick Stango, Gizmodo

It’s a tough racket …

“While most New Yorkers are drawn to the glitter and nostalgia of the Christmas tree business, few see it for what it is: an exacting, complex and bitterly competitive industry. Vendors wage bidding wars each year over plots of land in city-owned parks and ink deals with local shopkeepers or property owners to construct their tree stands on the busiest sidewalks.”

— “Hidden Malcontents: New York’s Christmas Tree Industry,” Adam McCauley, City Beats

“In the long trip that trees make to big city apartments (and, eventually, mulchfest) a big moment is the when they are unloaded from trucks and set up on the street. Though “unloaded” is a generous way to put it. “Chucked off a truck like corpses and dragged onto the sidewalk by exhausted tree sellers,” which is how filmmaker Elif Alp describes it, is probably more accurate.”

— “How Do Christmas Trees Get To Tree Vendors? Tree Throwers” (video), Garth Johnston, Gothamist

… and part of a big, multinational business:

“Inside the $1 Billion Christmas Tree Business,” Business Insider via Gawker


“America’s Most Cutthroat Christmas Tree Market,” Henry Grabar, Atlantic Cities

“Tree Man: Shivering and Suffering,” Corey Kilgannon, New York Times blog

“Meet The City’s Tree Vendors” John Kuhner,Gothamist



Top: Cell phone foto by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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