Formula for Perfect Pizza

Fornula for Perfect Pizza

“Soggy bottoms and burnt crusts could be a thing of the past for troubled cooks who are making pizzas from scratch at home. A mathematician claims to have come up with the first-ever formula for the ‘perfectly proportioned’ pizza, taking into account factors like the ratio of topping to base.  Dr. Eugenia Cheng said pizza lovers get more topping per bite in a smaller pizza, but a more even spread of bites in a larger pizza.”

— “Formula for the perfect PIZZA revealed: Mathematician creates equation to ensure you don’t burn – or undercook – a margherita,” Sarah Griffiths, Daily Mail (links added)

Dr. Cheng is a visiting Senior Lecturer at the University of Chicago through Spring 2014, but we don’t know what she makes of Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza. Frankly, we think it’s a kind of bread bowl cheese fondue. Jon Stewart thinks it’s more like a casserole.


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2 Responses to “Formula for Perfect Pizza”

  1. Paul Mazzuca Says:

    Americans make better pizza than Italians, however radical that sounds. Took a group of Italians on tour to We, The Pizza. They don’t like thick toppings or crusts. They only liked the mushroom pizzas!

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Paul Mazzuca wrote: They don’t like thick toppings or crusts

    Good choice. They sound like Neapolitans — or New Yorkers.

    They only liked the mushroom pizzas!

    There’s a name for pizzas with more than two toppings — sandwiches.

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