DC Tattoo Cooling-Off Period

DC Tattoo Cooling-Off Period

The DC Department of Health has proposed regulations that would require a 24-hour waiting before customers could get tattoos or body piercing in Washington’s body art parlors. There’s a public comment period. Maybe someone will ask if there should be compulsory breathalyzer tests instead.


“Want a Tattoo? D.C. Might Make You Wait 24 Hours,” Perry Stein, Washington City Paper blog

“‘Think Before You Ink’ Law May Put a 24-Hour Waiting Period on Tattoos, Piercings,” Susuan Saulny and Alexis Shaw, ABC News

“D.C. Wants to Impose a Ridiculous 24-Hour Waiting Period for Getting a Tattoo,” Mike Riggs, Atlantic Cities


“What Tattoos Really Say About You,” Discovery News video


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One Response to “DC Tattoo Cooling-Off Period”

  1. Mike Martin Says:

    I am Mike Martin, President of The Alliance of Professional Tattooists and I agree with the nays on this issue. I’m not sure which public safety issue this ordinance address, and I’m not sure where protecting the children comes into play here. There must be a minimum age requirement in place. Here in California it is 18 years of age. At that age they can vote, join the military and go to war for our country, and possibly die, maybe lose a couple of legs and arms, or their sight and hearing — regrettable, however it was their adult right to decide to go to war and take their chances. Telling an adult what they must do to get tattooed is stepping on our First Amendment Right of Free Speech. That proposal is like saying you have the right to get tattooed because you are an adult but you can’t do it when you are ready, you have to wait until tomorrow. If you don’t wait not only are you a criminal but the tattoo artist is a criminal too. So what is the real reason for this proposed regulation, to protect the children, public safety, or just Big Brother flexing his muscles?

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