2013: The Year Ahead

2013: The Year Ahead

“2013 calendar: key events for the year ahead,” The Guardian

“Predictions for 2013 don’t include the apocalypse, for once,” Kevin Modesti, Los Angeles Daily News

“TIME’s Fearless Sports Predictions for 2013,” Sean Gregory, Time

“Economy will limp along in 2013,” James K. Galbraith, CNN

“5 disturbing trends you should pay attention to in 2013,” Paul Brandus, The Week

“10 Tech Industry Predictions for 2013,” Tim and Ben Bajarin, Time

“Health reform: What’s coming in 2013,” Denise Mann, WebMD via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“After Crispy Pig Ears, 10 Trends for 2013,” Julia Moskin, New York Times

“Climate change, fracking to take center stage in 2013,” Scott Tong, Marketplace

“Ahead for 2013: Tea party, gay marriage, guns,” Timothy Stanley, CNN

“Food price outlook: Will Buffalo wings break your budget in 2013?” Schuyler Velasco, Christian Science Monitor

“The Year Ahead: 132 Eerily Prescient, Stupefyingly Accurate Predictions for 2013!” New York Observer

“2013 Predictions, From Palin to Pelosi,” Colbert I. King, The Root

“2013 predictions, Gangnam Style; or, Don’t call it a comeback,” Bernard Moon, VentureBeat

“Why 2013 will be a year of crisis,” David Frum, CNN

“Ray Kurzweil’s Top 5 Reasons to Be Optimistic for 2013,” Daniel Honan, Big Think

“2013: My tech guesstimates for the year ahead,” Larry Dignan, ZDnet

“5 trends to look for in travel this year,” Nancy Trejos, USA Today

“10 Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2013,” Kresimir Peharda, MedCityNews

“8 fund forecasts for 2013,” Chuck Jaffe, MarketWatch

“50 Things 2013 Will Be ‘the Year of,’” Max Read, Gawker

“20 predictions for mobile in 2013: massive uncertainty,” Benedict Evans, Forbes

“Urban Trends We Hope Die in 2013,” Sara Johnson, Atlantic Cities

“All the Best Reasons to Love Comics in 2013,” Charlie Jane Anders, io9

“Five Green Tech Trends To Watch In 2013,” Todd Woody, Forbes

“Five Sleeper Issues Washington Could Face in 2013,” Amy Harder, Stacy Kaper, Fawn Johnson, Coral Davenport and Catherine Hollander, National Journal

“Most Anticipated Movies of 2013,” Jason Bailey, Flavorwire

“2013 Is International Year of … Quinoa,” Christopher Wanjek, LiveScience

“Five big tech stories to watch for in 2013,” Jim Kerstetter, CNet

“2013: A Tipping Year For Climate Change?” NPR News

“What’s Ahead for Same-Sex Marriage in 2013,” Abby Raport, The American Standard

“2013 Outlook: Lex Parsimoniae,” Eric Parnell, Seeking Alpha

“77 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For in 2013,” Charlie Jane Anders, io9

“2013 Outlook: Farm Bill, Crop Production, Land Values, Livestock, Biofuels,” Kent Thiesse, Corn & Soybean Digest

“Hold That Mini-Burger: Restaurants Forecast Food For 2013,” Jessica Stoller-Conrad, NPR blog

“5 Big Tech Predictions for 2013,” Alex Planes, Daily Finance

“Predictions for 2013 in food politics,” Marion Nestle, Food Politics

“Why 2013 is going to be awful,” Alex Pareene, Salon


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