Choose: Hoops or Dancing Horse?

Choose: Hoops or Dancing Horse?

On the eve of the first 2012 Presidential Debate, we’re told that this is “The Big Choice,” and we couldn’t agree more. Consider these two men:

Barack Obama is a pickup basketball freak and likes an occasional burger and beer. He and the missus took out student loans to get through college and law school, and both held down jobs while they raised two kids. They own one house, in Chicago. Some of that probably sounds like people you know.

But how about this guy? He owns a dancing horse, his wife drives two Cadillacs, he thinks $250,000 a year is a middle class income, sold two of his four mansions because he was “downsizing and simplifying,” and paid for college the hard way, by selling off some of the stocks his dad gave him. He’s never worn a plastic rain poncho or polyester, and his friends own NFL and NASCAR teams. Recognize him? Of course. Mitt Romney.

Sally Kohn puts it this way:

“The issue is that Romney seems out of touch. He just does not seem relatable and sympathetic with ordinary people and their struggles. It is this — and not his bland personality, his bad campaign management — that is sinking Romney’s candidacy.”

This is a man who thinks Jack Nicklaus is the 20th century’s greatest athlete, is putting a car elevator in his beach house, has Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts, and thinks all college students can borrow money from their parents to start a business and that $374,000 in speaking fees is “not very much.” He says he’s been a businessman, but his “business” was “harvesting” companies, buying and selling businesses that produced real goods and services for the marketplace, not just profits for speculators. That’s the man who thinks you’re an unproductive freeloader.

So that’s your choice on Tuesday, November 6th, hoops or dancing horse.


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