Mitt Romney’s America

Mitt Romney's America

Ex-financier Willard Mitt Romney was whoopin’ it up at an intimate $50,000-a-plate dinner-for-150 at the palatial estate of kinky fellow plutocrat Marc Leder when some class traitor secretly recorded the GOP candidate’s run-down on the “Other Ranks.” 47% of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax, he confided, and it’s not because they’re compensated in capital gains or have elaborate off-shore bank accounts like real Americans. Our U.S. corporations simply pay them too little to cover their family upkeep, and those wretched, gummint-dependent ingrates won’t vote GOP in November anyway, so screw ’em.

Bad enough that a contender for America’s highest office writes off half the nation’s people, but this Harvard MBA got his numbers wrong. The facts on that 47%: The working poor among them still pay federal payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, they include the elderly who benefit from federal retirement and Medicare, and military personnel, especially those with families. Residents of states on the East and West Coasts pay more in federal taxes than they get in federal benefits; not so in the Heartland and Deep South, where most non-tax filers live. Think about it: White working people, the elderly, residents of the Midwest and South — that’s the Republican Base Mr. Romney was bad-mouthing to his millionaire pals and calling a bunch of parasites. Fact is, it’s the lightly taxed One Percent who are coasting on the Government nickel.

There’s been much commentary on Mr. Romney’s  remarks, but the best is on Chris Rock’s Twitter stream:

1. “Mitt Romney, the guy who pays no taxes on millions of dollars thinks you’re a welfare freeloader. God Bless 47% of America!”

2. “I thought Mitt Romney hated the 99% so hearing it’s only 47% is kinda refreshing”

Second-best? That would be this:

“Romney, who criticizes President Obama for dividing the nation, divided the nation into two groups: the makers and the moochers. Forty-seven percent of the country, he said, are people ‘who are dependent upon government, who believe they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to take care of them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.’

 This comment suggests a few things. First, it suggests that he really doesn’t know much about the country he inhabits. Who are these freeloaders? Is it the Iraq war veteran who goes to the V.A.? Is it the student getting a loan to go to college? Is it the retiree on Social Security or Medicare?

 It suggests that Romney doesn’t know much about the culture of America. Yes, the entitlement state has expanded, but America remains one of the hardest-working nations on earth. Americans work longer hours than just about anyone else. Americans believe in work more than almost any other people. Ninety-two percent say that hard work is the key to success, according to a 2009 Pew Research Survey.”

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4 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s America”

  1. Montana Says:

    In the end it will be Willard Milton Romney’s own words that that will bring down his seven year run for the presidency. I thank you Romney for speaking your real mind, sure its ugly but it just confirms my feeling that you act more like a Corporation than a person with compassion who realizes that a majority of my country is suffering. Hey the empty chair was a great hit, thanks for the laughs.

  2. Mike Licht Says:


    “Did Mitt Romney Learn His ’47 Percent’ Line from Paul Ryan?” Elspeth Reeve, Atlantic Wire

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    […] This is a man who thinks Jack Nicklaus is the 20th century’s greatest athlete, is putting a car elevator in his beach house, has Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts, and thinks all college students can borrow money from their parents to start a business and that $374,000 in speaking fees is “not very much.” He says he’s been a businessman, but his “business” was “harvesting” companies, buying and selling businesses that produced real goods and services for the marketplace, not just profits for speculators. That’s the man who thinks you’re an unproductive freeloader. […]

  4. 47 Percent? Paul Ryan Only Writes Off 30 Percent of Americans. « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] running mate, ex-financier Mitt Romney, thinks 47 percent of  his fellow citizens are a dead loss. Maybe they’ll  split the difference and kiss […]

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