Ron Paul Rumble at Republican Convention

Ron Paul Rumble at Republican Convention

Delegates pledged to Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul rode their blimp through Tampa’s storm-scoured skies only to be dissed by GOP Convention rule-making manipulations. Congressman Paul was barred from speaking at the convention just because he doesn’t back the party’s billionaire-anointed candidate, financier Mitt Romney. Oh, also because he sounds like a crazy old coot, even compared to delusional loons like Rick Santorum and Paul Ryan.

Dr. Paul’s 193 delegates were easy to recognize because of the clothespins on their noses. It’s hard to     pick Paulistas out of the crowd without that; they’re as white as all the other GOP delegates and are a diverse lot, united only by their rage at having been caught breaking zoning laws or speeding or cheating on taxes or selling illegal weapons or drugs. Their reaction at being excluded by Convention rule-making was predictable: rage. When expressed by persons with clothespins on their noses, of course, small-scale rage is more accurately called a “snit” or “tantrum.” Come to think of it, either term pretty much sums up the entire Ron Paul Revolution. The GOP campaign, too.


“’Hostile takeover’: Ron Paul’s fans react,” Michael Tracey, Salon

“More Ron Paul turmoil: Nevada’s civil war,” Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon

“Rudy Giuliani: Ron Paul is ‘dangerous,’” Michael Tracey, Salon

And don’t miss this epic stream-of-consciousness commentary:

“Ron Paul’s Great Rock-N-Roll Swindle at the RNC,” General Ze’evi, Gawker


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Image (“RNC Disciplines Ron Paul Delegates, after Emmett Watson”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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  1. Mike Licht Says:


    “The Last Gasps of the Ron Paul Movement,” David Weigel, Slate

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