Mitt Romney, Financier

Mitt Romney, Financier

Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, earned his fortune the old-fashioned way, by gambling speculating with other people’s money. It wasn’t a great deal for investors, but Mr. Romney did just fine. We have every confidence he’d use the same methods with your money if he got his hands on the Federal Treasury.

Mr. Romney brags about his record as a businessman, but his private sector experience has been in finance, not manufacturing or a service business. He’s never made anything but Private Equity deals. Can’t understand how Private Equity works? PE firms like to pretend they’re venture capitalists, but look up “Leveraged Buyout” and you’ll see why PE is called “Vulture Capitalism.” It’s also been called “Casino Capitalism,” and not just because a Bain-related firm financed Sheldon Adelson’s gambling joints. Outfits like Bain always bet with the house — they privatize gains and socialize losses.

After his single term in public office, Mitt Romney used his deal-making skills to “save” the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Olympics. The Games were in debt, so Mr. Romney, a registered lobbyist, got the Republican Congress to slide him a billion dollar earmark. That’s the kind of management excellence a Romney Administration would bring to the White House.

If elected, Mitt Romney would be the second Harvard MBA to serve as U.S. President. The first: George W. Bush, the man who crashed the U.S. economy.


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