What’s Ahead for 2012

What's Ahead for 2012

It’s 2012. While Baby Boomers and other geezers keep asking for their jetpacks and flying cars, most pundits try to keep their 2012 predictions more down-to-earth:

“2012 predictions worth discussing,” Jon Tarlton, Seattle Times

“NBA Predictions for 2012,” Patrick Buscone, Bleacher Report

“A Quick Look At The Year Ahead,” NPR

“Ten 2012 Predictions,” James Poulos, Daily Caller

“Tech Predictions for 2012,” Meredith Popolo, PCMag.com

“15 faith-based predictions for 2012,” CNN

“Ten 2012 predictions,” Scott Johnson, Power Line

“22 Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2012,” Jasmin Malik Chua, ecouterre

“Analysts Make Stock Market Predictions for S&P 500 in 2012,” Howard B. Arnn, WallStreetWindow.com

“The List: 2012,” Monica Hesse and Dan Zak, Washington Post

“Boxing predictions for 2012,” Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated

“The other Mayan calendar’s top 2012 predictions,” Alexandra Petri, Washington Post blog

“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Some Mobile Predictions for 2012,” Ewan Spence, Forbes blog

“My predictions for 2012? Much of the same, sadly,” Janet Daley, The Telegraph

“SOPA Opponents May Go Nuclear and Other 2012 Predictions,” Declan McCullagh, CNET News

“Bold predictions for tennis in 2012,” Joe Fleming, USA Today

“The year ahead: Some predictions for 2012,” David M. Weinberg, Jerusalem Post

“2012 Political Predictions From Michael Tomasky, Paul Begala, More Beast Contributors,” Daily Beast

“The Latest, Greatest Phantasmagorical Doomsday Forecast For 2012,” Frank Stocker, Die Welt/Worldcrunch

“Prediction: We’ll Continue to Make Mistakes About Predictions.” David Ropeik, Big Think


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One Response to “What’s Ahead for 2012”

  1. Carol King Says:

    I predict the world will NOT end on December 21, 2012.

    I predict that I will finally lose those 20 lbs, grow to be 5’8″ and win a bazillion dollars in the Lotto.

    I further predict that Kim Kardashian and the rest of her no-talent Kardashian family will vanish off the face of the earth when their mother ship comes back to get them. The Jersey Shore folks will also disappear when they go to California to film in a Venice beach house and California slides into the ocean. Snooki almost survives because of the amount of alcohol she had the night before. She becomes a tiny flotation device, but slowly she deflates and disappears into her new home, Atlantis where they decide to a reality show starring her royal guidetteness. Luckily, we don’t get Atlantean TV.

    Lastly, I predict that jet-packs will become the reality all of us baby boomer geezers as we were called in this post. I can’t wait to not have to take the #2 train to work. I will just zip to my office wearing my jet pack or drive in my flying car!

    2012! An excellent year. I predict.

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