Fox News Fights Commie Muppets

Fox News Fights Commie Muppets

"Lousy Commie Elmo Had It Coming!"

“It ain’t easy being green, but according to Fox Business, Kermit the Frog and his Muppet friends are reds.

Last week, on the network’s ‘Follow the Money’ program, host Eric Bolling went McCarthy on the new, Disney-released film, ‘The Muppets,’ insisting that its storyline featuring an evil oil baron made it the latest example of Hollywood’s so-called liberal agenda.

Bolling, who took issue with the baron’s name, Tex Richman, was joined by Dan Gainor of the conservative Media Research Center, who was uninhibited with his criticism.

 ‘It’s amazing how far the left will go just to manipulate your kids, to convince them, give the anti-corporate message,’ he said.”

 — “The Muppets Are Communist, Fox Business Network Says,” Huffington Post


“The Communist Muppets? It ain’t easy being red,” Maura Judkis, Washington Post

“How ‘The Muppets’ made Occupy Wall Street,” Andrew Leonard, Salon


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3 Responses to “Fox News Fights Commie Muppets”

  1. Canadian Performer's Money Says:

    I like your blog, but don’t see any way to subscribe to it?

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Canadian Performer’s Money (Loonies?):

    Thanks. You can click on that “Follow” tab on the lower right of your screen, enter your email address, and new posts will magically appear in your inbox. If you prefer RSS, use

  3. pawsinsd Says:

    Well we can’t really blame the Nazis anymore, or those behind that fake Iron Curtain. Someone has to be evil, and it can’t be The Little Match Girl or Snow White. When Sesame Street came around I believed (at age 7) that it taught moral basics, and how to think for oneself and care for others — oil barons included.

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