Restaurant Hygiene Ratings

Restaurant Hygiene Ratings

A recent expedition to Manhattan Island revealed that New York City Health Department inspectors now grade the sanitary condition of restaurants. In order to guide potential customers, each eatery is required to display its grade in its front window.  Here is the range of grades:

There are precisely two (2) grades. Restaurants are either rated:

NYC Eatery Hygiene Grade

. . . or they are rated:

The Other NYC Eatery Hygiene Grade

God bless you, Mayor Bloomberg.

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Top image (“Sign of a Truly Horrible Restaurant”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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One Response to “Restaurant Hygiene Ratings”

  1. Scores on the Doors: Food Hygiene Rating | Says:

    […] このような衛生状態の評価システムは、約10年ちょっと前、ロスに滞在している時に初めて見た(参考サイト)。ニューヨークも2010年に同様のシステムを導入している(AFP記事)。アメリカのシステムは、数字ではなくAからCのアルファベットで評価され、ステッカーは評価ごとに色分けされ大きく印字されているので、遠くからでもよく見える(写真:NYC / LA)。だから、ロンドンでは今まで気づかなかったんだ。 […]

    Google translate: “Hygiene rating system like this […] saw for the first time in about 10 years ago when a little, you are staying in Los Angeles (reference site). Has introduced a similar system in 2010 also New York (article AFP). System of the United States, largely because it is printed will be evaluated by the letters A, B and C, instead of numbers, each rating is color-coded stickers, looks good even from a distance (photo: NYC / LA). So, in London I did not notice until now. […]” See the commenter’s photo at
    Scores on the Doors: Food Hygiene Rating

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