Earthquake Today. Next: Hurricane.

Phil Plait’s animation (above) shows how the shock of today’s earthquake rippled across the country.  The seismic wave also rolled across the Blogosphere and Twitterverse:

“Wow! Magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Virginia,” Erik Klemetti, big think

“Virginia 5.8 Earthquake Rattles East Coast,” Christina Reed, Discovery News

“Ten Things You Should Know About the East Coast Quake,” Veronique Greenwood, 80 Beats

“Earthquake in Washington, D.C.,” Sarah Zielinski, Surprising Science

“Reports on shaking from Virginia quake,” Lee Allison, Arizona Geology

“The Mineral, VA earthquake of August 23, 2011 – UPDATED,” Callen Bentley, Mountain Beltway

“Virginia Earthquake Details,” Steve Schimmrich, Hudson Valley Geologist

“Map of Today’s East Coast Earthquake Available on MapBox,” Bonnie Bogle,

“And, a magnitude 5.9 on the East Coast! Excitement in D.C.!!” Susan W. Kieffer, Geology in Motion

“Small quake has big reach,” John Roach, MSNBC Cosmic Log

“Eastern Earthquake Provides Useful Warning,” Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times blog

“Zoo mystery: How did apes and birds know quake was coming?” Joel Achenbach, Washington Post

“Earthquake!” Adrian Chen, Gawker

“What’s with all these earthquakes?” Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy

“Earthquakey Times, David Bressan, Scientific American blog

“Snapshot of Seismic Waves Traveling Across Virginia,” Brian Romans, Wired

“The best earthquake tweets,” Dylan Matthews, Washington Post blog

“How A Bunch Of People With Twitter Accounts Reacted To The Earthquake,” Alex Balk, The Awl

“Jokes abound online after quake,”  Emma Mustich, Salon


“God Tries To Swallow Godless East Coast With Earthquake,” Kirsten Boyd Johnson, Wonkette

“Seismic Waves & Tweet Waves,”

Next: “Hurricane Irene could be major threat to Eastern Seaboard,” Larry Copeland, USA Today

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