The Palin Bus Tour: Why

The Palin Bus Tour: Why

Sarah Palin is spending her summer vacation just like you, on a simple family trip funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations. Mrs. Palin, along with her parents, sullen pre-teen daughter Piper, and husband Todd (Alaska’s former First Thug), is motoring between historic East Coast sites in a chartered luxury coach with her name painted on it.

Is the trip a vacation or presidental campaign tour? Mrs. Palin won’t say, to the consternation of the media. The bus is being tailed by reporters and news crews as it meanders along its secret itinerary. Far from keeping the trip private, the “magical mystery tour” aspect merely spurs the media frenzy. Where will she be next?

But there’s no mystery. This is not a presidential campaign but a reality TV shoot.  Mrs. Palin’s cable show  show was cancelled after one season, so she’s producing her own travelogue of patriotic sites, exploiting the flag. She has her own camera crew and understandably wants to keep competing video shooters away, hence the secret schedule and dearth of interviews.

Look for a “Sarah Palin’s America” pilot show soon, with location footage from this bus tour, a commercial enterprise funded through political donations. The program won’t be about politics, of course, but about patriotism, the principles forged by this nation’s founders. After all, Sarah Palin can teach you things you never knew about America’s history.

And watch for the movie, coming soon to a caucus state near you.

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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  1. Mike Licht Says:


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