Bryn Mawr Announces Intergalactic Partnership

Bryn Mawr Announces Intergalactic Partnership

April 1, 2011

Pennsylvania’s venerable Bryn Mawr College launched itself into the 21st century today by announcing a new partnership with the Bithnian University of Science and Technology. Many U.S. colleges have international programs but, as Bryn Mawr President Jane McAuliffe observes, “Global partnerships are so 2010.”

“Bryn Mawr is simply beyond global, and we are boldly going where no college has gone before. Our students need to learn to be intergalactic citizens.”
–“Bryn Mawr leads intergalactic Age With Bithnian Partnership” (Press release).

 Bryn Mawr faces several technical hurdles in administering the program, say informed education officials at NASA, chief among them the transfer rate of  extraterrestrial college credits, which is limited by the speed of light. Living arrangements may make some Earth students uncomfortable, as all Bithnian dorms are fully quad-educational.

This is believed to be the first intergalactic partnership between a liberal-arts college and an alien research university. While Liberty University and Regent University have been teaching in other universes for decades, they refuse to use the terms “Liberal” or “Arts,” so that doesn’t count.


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    April 1, 2011
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