Minimalist Minimized; Food Bloggers Panic

Minimalist Minimized; Food Bloggers Panic

Mark Bittman is retiring his weekly “Minimalist” column after 13 years, but he will stay with the New York Times, writing  for the Op Ed page and Sunday Times Magazine and producing “Minimalist” cooking videos for the paper’s website. He has a cooking blog — actually, two cooking blogs — and will start another on food policy.

Nonetheless, these changes have provoked panic in the Foodie Blogosphere, dished up in this platter of link-guini:


“Mark Bittman, Don’t leave me!” Feather Thy Nest

“End of an Era: The Minimalist, No More,” Ben Cooks Everything


“The Minimalist goes the way of the Dodo,” Foodcraft

“A Sad Goodbye to the Minimalist,” Faye’s Forays

“The Minimalist exits stage right. Cooks mourn.” nobluehair

“The Minimalist: Gone But Not Forgotten,” Whisk It Good

“Ode to The Minimalist,” Pitchfork Diaries

“RIP The Minimalist,” The Lead Paint Cookbook

“Farewell, Minimalist!” Gluten-Free Veg Heads Unite!

“End Of The Minimalist Era,” Foodie Pantry

“Adieu, my dear Minimalist,” ten thousand places

“Farewell Farinata . . .” Ms. Christiana

“More Minimal Than Ever,” David Kurtz, TPM

“Mark Bittman’s Minimalist Column Reduced to Nothing,” Raphael Brion, Eater

“Mark Bittman Makes His Exit,” The Certifiable Foodie

“Goodbye to the Minimalist,” Three Clever Sisters

“Exit the Minimalist,” Colin McEnroe, To Wit

“The Minimalist Retires,” Simply Cooking

“Bon voyage, The Minimalist!” Thoughtful Consumption

“Thank you, Mark Bittman,” Robin Shreeves, Mother Nature Network

“I [HEART] Mark Bittman,” La Nouvelle Observatrice

“Best-Ever NYT Columnist Ends Best-Ever Column (It’s a Food Column),” Ken Layne, Wonkette

 “Mark Bittman – The Minimalist: A Tribute,” The Carnivore and the Vegetarian

But hungry Bittman fans won’t have to go cold turkey. The man who wrote How to Cook Everything has posted every “Minimalist” column published in 13 years of Sundays here.


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3 Responses to “Minimalist Minimized; Food Bloggers Panic”

  1. Cookbook Says:

    I’m not really panicky. I’m sad. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE.

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Update: Mark’s Manifesto, February 2, 2011.

  3. nobluehair Says:

    Thanks for the link to my panicky post of 1/27 “The Minimalist exits stage right. Cooks mourn.” We now have more to worry about…Google Recipe Search– see “Google spices up recipe search. Death of cookbooks?” Very much enjoy your blog

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