If you read one commentary on the recent events in Arizona, make it this one:

 “The Tucson Shootings,” Gregory McNamee, Britannica Blog.


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

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4 Responses to “Tucson”

  1. katfirewoman Says:

    When things calm down in Tucson, AZ, people should take a look at the many unsolved homicides in the Navajo Nation. The victims weren’t all killed at the same time; some within a year or so of each other. Many cases are never reported to the FBI under Major Crimes Act and are called “Foul Play” instead of homicides. Chinle, AZ is a remote area in which at least three young people have been murdered. Jilleda Jay John is one of the victims.

    It seems impossible to get any media attention to cover homicides on The Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. Crime is rampant but hidden from the rest of America there. Jilleda John was under FBI witness protection when she was murdered (pending her testimony in a sexual assault case (Ramaris Anagal). How can we get anyone to pay attention to what is going on there and other unsolved cases on Indian Reservations? It seems that Native Americans are “invisible people”.

    I pray for the full recovery of Gabrielle Giffords, and offer prayers for the families of the other victims as well. “Indians” have families who mourn their murdered family members too. We just don’t hear about them. Their murders don’t seem to matter at all to America, despite the increasing number of unsolved cases, as evidenced by the little mass media attention, if any attention to these cases.

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    katfirewoman wrote: How can we get anyone to pay attention to what is going on there and other unsolved cases on Indian Reservations? It seems that Native Americans are “invisible people”.

    The murder of a Catholic nun on the Navajo Reservation received some press coverage, but of course she was not Native American herself.

    Law enforcement on reservations suffers from the unintended consequences of both Tribal Sovereignty and Federal stewardship. The typical tribal police department “serves an area the size of Delaware with no more than three officers” according to a DOJ study. Felonies of all sorts are only prosecuted at the discretion of U.S. Attorneys, and they do so in only a third of such cases.


    “Crime and punishment: Law enforcement issues on Indian reservations,” Blanca Méndez, Medill on The Hill.

  3. Jocelyn Lewis Says:

    I am one of many of the family members of Jilleda Jay John, and I would like to inform all that read my response. After 6 years there still is nothing being done in my sister’s murder case. It seems that the case has just been casted out. We, as the family, are still suffering from the murder of my sister and asure there will be no peace until her case is solved. So the family would like to know what we can and have to do to bring justice to this unsolved murder case. Also we like to thank katfirewoman for all that you have done in helping others understand my sister was a person just like any other. So please help the family, in any way possible, enforce this case to justice!!! Thank You for your time.

  4. Katfirewoman Says:

    TY to Mike Licht here for his comments. Yes, we reported on the murder of 64 yr. old Sister Marguerite Bartz (available at web site link).
    There was also a Chinle Rapist who was finally arrested for the sexual assualt of another “layperson” on the Navajo Reservation (He was FREE around the time that Jilleda Jay John was murdered). We have ideas about WHO killed Jilleda Jay John, but the issues of Federal vs. Sovereignty issues, and poor if not incapable forensic investigations by the local police are at issue. However, The Major Crimes Act is ignored, and cases called “foul play” to avoid involving the BIA & FBI. Yes, we understand that the State Attorney must decide if a case could move forward. Stepping out on a limb, there is a person who is in prison now. A felon. His DNA is in a bank as all felon’s are now. Yet, without a subpeona to get the dna, and charges brought against this person, nothing can be done? It is apparent that there is no JUSTICE in Navajoland, or the C.I.’s are incompetent!
    The sister of Jilleda is speaking above here.
    we will NEVER give up on finding Justice for Jilleda! You are very brave to have posted here. We have a good idea of who killed Jilleda, but we can’t get the police to listen to the family nor to do anything about this case! WHY!? The FBI also promised a Reward Poster, which they have never issued! As far as the number of police in Navajoland? There are plenty, but they don’t do much, if anything. They left behind (forgive me Jocelyn for this graphic post):
    The skin of Jilleda Jay John
    Clothing and jewelry just yards from her body
    A “greasy-looking” area where her decomposed body had lain
    A sock
    And much more.

    The crime scene was never cordoned off with yellow tape.
    Yet, when family members found the above just laying there, and alerted the C.I.’s, they were told by the C.I.’s in Apache Co. that it was a crime scene and they shouldn’t have been there.

    Jilleda was last seen by a police officer running into a house. The house was never checked into that fateful night. The house belonged to a family member of the previously mentioned felon here.
    Jilleda had gotten on a school bus screaming, “Go! Go! “Someone is going to kill me!” She had riden the bus to the end at the school bus barn. There, the man called the police as she ran off, and the police did pull in but didn’t follow up or search that house for her. Then, Jilleda never came home. A man in prison has told that there were three people there at Mummy Cave, Del Muerto, Canyon de Chelly, the night Jilleda went missing. (The location where Jilleda’s body was found months later). One of the men named is the felon now in prison in MT. (Who is up for parole after serving just 1 1/2 years in “the attempted homicide” (stabbed a Kalispell MT man 6 times, including in the throat! Pled guilty to “assault with a weapon; got 20 years , then a reduced 10 yr. sentence plus ordered to pay the un-named, now disabled victim!)
    The same felon whose brother was awaiting sentencing for the rape and kidnapping of Jilleda and another woman who was his g/f at the time.
    A woman’s name was also given in tis case. She picked up the (now felon in MT) the same night Jilleda didn’t come home. That woman’s daughter had alledgedly just “fallen off the cliffs” and died as well on another occasion?!
    Then, there is another man who has been named. One who was awaiting a hearing on the sexual assault of Jilleda in a different case. And all the while, Jilleda was under FBI “Protective custody” for the first rape/kidnapping sentencing for Ramaris ANAGAL, who did get 25 years in one count of the case
    The F.B.I. clearly failed to protect Jilleda Jay John.

    There is way too much to write here. Visit the katfirewoman.wordpress.com/ for the details and more on this case.
    Does it take a rocket scientist to fit together the pieces of this puzzle? I think not. There is no good reason why these KNOWN men and the woman can’t be questioned in the MURDER of Jilleda Jay John. I wish that I could scream their names into the Attorney General’s ear. There is no reason why they are not POI’s in the case. There is compelling “evidence” that the C.I.’s and FBI are ignoring. The C.I.’s didn’t want to contact the FBI. The FBI is likely concerned that their failure to “protect a witness” will be an issue of controversy as well as possible prosecution/lawsuits, so they are ignoring the entire case. The C.I.’s hid info and wanted the family to lie; to not contact the FBI. The C.I.’s broke Federal Laws Under Major Crimes Act by stating “do not tell anyone”, and more, when Jilleda’s body was found. The C.I.’s didn’t even tell the family that Jilleda’s body was found. A park worker told the family of the discovery. (He no longer works for the park(!?))
    The family is not being listened to (as Jilleda’s sister has stated here.) The family has been “shut out” and ignored by all of the authorities involved. Jilleda’s little boy is growing up without his mother.
    The killer(s) go free.
    This family does not come from wealth, nor great fame. Yet, they are proud descendants of Navajo lineage. People who are decent. People who work hard. People who deserve answers.
    I demand that the Navajo authorities, the FBI and all in “power” (I don’t want to even hear about “grey areas” in “law”/Navajo Law/Sovereignty as this IS A case Under Major Crimes Act; not “foul play”), look at the Persons of Interest that they likely already know about. I demand that the State Attny. bring charges against the KNOWN PERPS, get the Dna from the felon to determine a match, and continue to prosecute the 2nd male who was awaiting charges of sexual assault against Jilleda, as well as get the FBI Reward Poster up as promised. There will be Justice for Jilleda Jay John whose almost 6 year old “unsolved” homicide is a blight on the Navajo Nation and the U.S. as well. The time for action is now. And long overdue! (As well as the other unsolved cases in the same area of young people: Jilleda’s male friend was found shot to death in the canyon the year before she was killed.) I could go on and on. I just wish that someone would LISTEN! Thank you, 1 person, besides Jocelyn, for listening. Canyon De Chelly IS a tourism mecca. I’m sure that Navajo officials and others don’t want tourists to know about the unsolved homicides there…

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