The End of D’Souza

The End of D'Souza

Writer Dinesh D’Souza has clearly removed himself from legitimate intellectual discourse with his breathtakingly logic-free cover story in Forbes magazine.  “How Obama Thinks” is simply beneath contempt.

D’Souza alleges President Obama has somehow inherited a “rage” against capitalism and Western civilization with “roots” in the (unverified) opinions of the president’s Kenyan father, whom he pictures as some kind of over-educated neo-Mau Mau. This despite the fact that Barack Obama never knew his father, and has written about that at length. This despite the fact that no one has isolated a genetic basis for “anti-colonial rage.”

D’Souza, a former Reagan speechwriter, runs a tiny college (owned by Campus Crusade for Christ) which meets in the basement of the Empire State Building. He will expand his rant into a forthcoming book.


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One Response to “The End of D’Souza”

  1. sasoc Says:

    You don’t think Obama is anti-capitalism [sic]?

    No. And I don’t think complex political thoughts can be inherited. No one with a modicum of science education does. This even goes beyond the simple, odious racism of the link you provided (omitted here), and is particularly shameful from someone in charge of the education of the young, D’Souza’s current job description.

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