Acute Angle

Acute Angle

In Nevada’s recent Republican primary, Tea Party sweetheart Sharron Angle played chicken with Sue Lowden and won the senatorial candidacy. When Ms. Angle visited Washington to meet with RNC chief Michael Steele and other GOP leaders. She avoided the press but made news anyway, as colorful aspects of her biography become known.

Ms. Angle, a former Democrat, was once a member of the Independent American Party, “a Protestant Christian theocratic political party” with affiliations to George Wallace and the Constitution Party. She is against water fluoridation and for armed insurrection.

Ms. Angle wants to de-regulate Big Oil and keep women in the kitchen. Christian Reconstructionists are raising funds for the candidate, who has promoted Scientologist programs in Nevada’s prisons. The candidate wants to “personalize” Social Security, “transitioning” it out of existence along with the VA, and seeks to abolish the Department of Education. She is — or is not — an Oath Keeper militia member, depending on when you ask her.

Ms. Angle emerged from hiding to give an interview to local Las Vegas reporters last Tuesday.  The candidate reiterated a statement she first made in 1995: separation of church and state is unconstitutional.

Dick Armey says he wants Republican candidates to avoid using the “Tea Party” label. Perhaps he thinks Ms. Angle is giving the Tea Party a bad name. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had a sudden attack of collegiality and announced he will not campaign in Nevada against his opposite number, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Senator McConnell says he is reviving an old tradition of decorum, not avoiding public support of Sharron Angle.


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2 Responses to “Acute Angle”

  1. M. Bouffant Says:

    She can’t be a full fledged Oaf-Keeper unless she’s been in the military or law enforcement, but I do believe she’s an auxiliary member of some sort. Very convenient cop-out, too.

  2. nyscof Says:

    Dr. Mercola: Drinking fluoridated water is Damaging Your Bones, Brain, Kidneys, and Thyroid [snip]

    “Dr.” Mercola is not a medical doctor but an “Osteopath,” a branch of medical practice based on a 19th century cult that has been allowed to continue by an odd twist of history. It is based on concepts long discarded by science.

    Another authority on the threat of fluoridated water: Brigadier General Jack Ripper.

    Perhaps Ms. Angle will offer Osteopathy and spirit healing as her Health Reform plan.

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