Jock Juice Kills Soda Tax Bill

Jock Juice Kills Soda Tax Bill

The District of Columbia Council was considering a tax on sugar-sweetened soft drinks last week when Ward 5 Council Member Harry Thomas, Jr.  started waving bottles of sugary “sports drink”:

“Thomas, armed with bottles of Gatorade, argued that the proposal was too confusing because it would also apply to some sports drinks and protein shakes.

‘This is a 20-ounce bottle of Gatorade,’ said Thomas, a little league sports coach. ‘So if I take this 20 ounce bottle and the tax applies, that means each one is 20 cents more … for something I want my kids to have after a game.'”

If 20 cents would keep the Councilman from dosing innocent kids with over-priced Kool-Aid, that’s one more reason to pass such a bill. Sports drinks are bad for kids, and bad for legislation, too. Gatorade grandstanding worked; the DC Soda Tax bill is dead.

The soda tax bill was aimed at curbing childhood obesity and funding a healthy school lunch program. Sugar-drink champions beat the soda-taxers at their own game: they demanded sugary sports drinks “for the sake of the children.”

[Quoted excerpt above from “Council all but kills soda tax,” Tim Craig, Washington Post.]


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[Serious endurance athletes: You might be better off gargling this stuff, not drinking it. See: “Taste of power goes to the head, then muscles,” Lisa Grossman, Science News.


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