World Leaders Gather in Washington DC

World Leaders Gather in Washington DC 

The cherry blossom-crazed tourists have left town, so world leaders can safely meet here in Washington for a Nuclear Security Summit, held in conjunction with DC’s annual Bollard Festival of Security Theater. Subway stations and streets are closed. Police, armed forces, and security agencies are on full alert.  Local residents are protected from dangerous foreign leaders by cage-like barriers and security personnel with automatic weapons.

Festival preliminaries today include one-on-one presidential meetings, beer pong, lunch with Joe Biden (spring pea soup, grilled halibut, asparagus, sorbet), and a sock hop. The historic event concludes Tuesday with the big Nuke Swap Meet and motorcade races.


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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One Response to “World Leaders Gather in Washington DC”

  1. Mike Licht Says:

    UPDATE: Real information on the nuclear threat here.

    More about those annoying foreigners:

    “My Running Of The Security Gauntlet,” Scott Cameron, Blog of the Nation (NPR).

    “Biden’s surprise lunch clogs traffic in Northwest,” Markham Heid, Washington Examiner.

    Sumit security was a lot harder on some folks than others. More here.

    UPDATE 2:

    “Cyclist Killed By Military Vehicle,” Matthew Yglesias, Think Progress.

    “In Memoriam: Constance Holden—Journalist, Artist,” Ginger Pinholster, AAAS News.

    “Ghost Bike for Constance Holden Appears Amid Security Fences,” Sommer Mathis, DCist.

    UPDATE 3:

    Truth in Twitter.

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