Conservatives Vote for Ron Paul

Conservatives Vote for Ron Paul

Reporters called the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) a “conservative convention.” Perhaps this reflects the recent Supreme Court ruling giving corporations the political rights of flesh-and-blood citizens.  Certainly CPAC’s big funders include entrenched corporate entities that import and refine oil and profit from the legislative obstructionism ACU and CPAC generate.

CPAC ran a presidential straw poll, and “convention” participants voted Congressman Ron Paul (R, TX-14) as their preferred 2012 candidate. Dr. Paul’s failed 2008 third-party White House run used the Internet to unite citizens who would shoot each other on sight if they met face to face — and had lots of guns to do it with, too. The 2008 Paulistas came from a key demographic, the Disgruntled, people who have been audited by the IRS, developed property without zoning permits, been busted for drug and gun offences, been caught speeding. They also included folks who believe in black helicopters and little green men. Nice blimp, though.

If the Disgruntled take over GOP-formed CPAC, Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. Dick Armey’s “Party of No” irregulars (aka Tea Baggers) successfully disrupted passage of healthcare legislation and are now turning on their GOP manipulators. Corporations don’t need CPAC and GOP middlemen when they can directly fund teabagger mobs and talk-radio disinformation loudmouths to perpetuate regulatory anarchy in the name of a mythical “free markets.”

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  1. Mike Licht Says:


    “Do Republicans Really Want to Win in 2010?” by Mike Madden, Salon.

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