First USA Olympics™ Triumph

First USA Olympics™ Triumph 

Team USA scored big in initial Winter Olympics™  competition.  Snowboarder Greg Bretz won the McNuggets™ Eating Contest in Vancouver. Mr. Bretz beat teammate Ricky Bower 60 to 34.

McNuggets™  and related lubricating sauces are synthesized by the  McDonald’s™  Corporation. McDonald’s™ is the official restaurant of the 2010 Winter Olympics™. This is handy, since Vancouver has absolutely no other restaurants.


McDonald’s™ , McNuggets™ , and the letter “M” are registered trademarks of the McDonald’s™ Obesity Corporation. The very word Olympics™ and the burping cartoon guy are registered trademarks of the IMF IOC, which has the gall to link athletic excellence with junk food. Anyway, all this advertising crapola is used here under the parody clause of the Fair Use Doctrine.

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, No rubber chickens were harmed in preparing this mashup.

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