California Earthquake

The Left Coast experienced a major earthquake at 4:27 PM Pacific Time on January 9th. We blame George Fox, Mario Puzo, and Universal Studios.

There isn’t a decent streaming version of Rodney Crowell’s magnificent “California Earthquake” song on the Web, and the John Hartford and Danney Ball songs of the same name are unbearable. You’ll have to make do with tunes on this theme by Chan Romero (performed by The Little Girls) and Norman Greenbaum.

If you’re a Californian preparing a playlist to accompany The Big One, we recommend Zion Train, Jeff Beck, Converge, and a group with a long name. Caution: Listening to earthquake music with iPod headphones may lead to deafness.


Comments are welcome if they are on-topic, substantive, concise, and not boring or obscene. Comments may be edited for clarity and length.


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2 Responses to “California Earthquake”

  1. songwrangler Says:

    unbearable eh mike?

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    songwrangler (Danney Ball) wrote: Unbearable eh mike?

    Well, not compared to the John Hartford tune; even Cass Elliot couldn’t help that one. Compared to the Rodney Crowell piece, others pale.

    (Danney’s writing Gospel music these days. No earthquake songs in that genre … yet.)

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