Faith On Fire!

Faith on Fire!

Amazing Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina held its annual Bible Barbecue last week, on Halloween.

The Church believes that the 1611 King James Bible (commissioned by the bisexual British monarch) is the only true Scripture. Each year Amazing Grace collects and carbonizes copies of “perversions” like The Good News BIble, New Century Bible, Living Bible, Bible Tales for Tots and works by those heretics Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, James Dobson, and Mother Teresa.

Also incinerated: “Satan’s music such as country, rap , rock , pop, heavy metal, western, soft and easy, southern gospel, contemporary Christian, jazz, soul, oldies but goldies, etc.” Presumably the music of John Dowland, William Byrd, Thomas Campion, John Bull, Orlando Gibbons, Thomas Ravenscroft, and Sir William Leighton escaped the torch, as these gents flourished around 1611.

This year’s incendiary event was not open to the public or the media, so we do not know if toasting marshmallows and roasting weiners were part of the fiery festivities.


Image:  Florida Institute of Technology Evans Library “Banned Books” page 

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One Response to “Faith On Fire!”

  1. Allyn Says:

    The local newspaper there, in an editorial entitled “Bible burning was a bust, praise the Lord,” wrote:

    As regional, national and international media outlets spread news of the coming display, Grizzard was told his plans ran afoul of state law, and by Saturday night, Grizzard’s spectacle was reduced to an invitation-only book shredding for a handful of congregants while a few media outlets and protesters stood outside in the rain. Could this weather have been a sign of divine intervention?

    Now, here’s my thought. If Grizzard and his congregation thought that non-KJV bibles were sinful, then why would they even want to touch them? Wouldn’t some of the sinful content of them rub off onto their hands? It could be like touching poison ivy!

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