Fear of Darwin

Fear of Darwin

The film that opened the 2009 Toronto Film Festival is too controversial to show in the USA. No distributor will touch it. Why? It’s about Charles Darwin.

Based on Anna’s Box, a book by Darwin great-great-grandson Randal Keynes, the film Creation deals with Darwin’s crisis of faith after the death of his young daughter.

The naturalist delayed publishing On the Origin of Species, his work on evolution, out of respect for the feelings of his highly-religious wife. The US is apparently a nation of 19th century Emma Darwins, prone to the vapors. American theaters are missing an opportunity here. They could sell smelling salts along with the popcorn if they show Creation.


Hat Tip: Gregory McNamee, Britannica blog.

Image: Making Maps

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One Response to “Fear of Darwin”

  1. pawsinsd Says:

    Here’s to survival of the fittest. I watch a young colt (a Greater Sandhill crane) try his wings nearly daily now, a bird from the Eocene era. Their cries are prehistoric and memorable (and loud) early in the morning. B.C. and A.D. mean nothing to them. But they’re still here! Thanks for remembering Charles Darwin. May you inherit the wind, young man. Dee

    [Commenter Dee blogs from out where the states are square. – ml]

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