Michael Vick Signed to NFL; Howling Controversy

Michael Vick Signed To NFL; Howling Controversy

Ex-Convict quarterback Michael Vick, fresh from his prison sentence for dog fighting and animal cruelty, was scooped up by Philadelphia’s NFL team. He appeared on the CBS 60 Minutes program yesterday, in the “Celebrity Contrition” feature usually reserved for adulterer politicians and film star drug addicts.

Philadephia quarterback Donovan McNabb hounded his team to hire Mr. Vick, knowing the press would dog his every step and leave other players in peace. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ruled that Mr. Vick would have to stay on the sidelines and sit out the first part of the season before rolling over into official play. He is undergoing obedience training under Philadelphia Offensive Coordinator Cesar Millan Marty Mornhinweg, public service training with the Humane Society,  and sensitivity training with Triumph, the comedy dog.


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

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10 Responses to “Michael Vick Signed to NFL; Howling Controversy”

  1. Isaac D Says:

    This man is a sociopath plain and simple. Would you want Manson or Dahmer teaching our kids how killing pregnant women and eating our victims is wrong after being caught and forgiven? He tortured these poor dogs…TORTURED!!!! I don’t have to go in to detail with what methods he used since the thought of makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks NFL and thank you Philly for showing the world that the devil does indeed exist and is now an Eagle!!

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Michael Vick showed his true character on 60 minutes last night. He clearly indicated he did not feel guilty till he was in prison. Obviously, he would still be committing his deliberate, premeditated, cruel, ONGOING FOR 7 YEARS crimes. Also, although he caught himself (too late), he clearly revealed he found the “blood lust” of the atrocities exciting. And “he didn’t really understand it was wrong”?! Unless he never left his neighborhood, didn’t go to school, never watched tv or read a book, I don’t buy it. His crimes had malicious intent – unlike the the other crimes people compare his to. As for those who say they were just dogs, perhaps you wouldn’t feel the same if you were blind and relied on a guide dog or if you were an epileptic and depended on a dog to detect and alert when you were going to have a seizure [Other bio-detection dogs sniff out cancer – ML]. Dogs assist mankind like no other animal. DOGS SAVE LIVES. Vick’s dogs had the potential to do this too. Visit lawdogsusa.org and you will see dogs of the same breed and Vick destroyed all the potential value his had and perverted their abilities. And this man is going to make $1.6 million when most felons can’t find a job even at a fast food place?! And the NFL is going to baby him with a mentor??! ridiculous and disgusting. The game will always be tainted for me.

  3. Lisa Johnson Says:

    You people are sick. He served his time and should now be allowed to make a living. Hell it was only dogs not humans that were killed. Get over it people.

  4. Mike Licht Says:

    Lisa Johnson wrote: it was only dogs not humans that were killed

    During the seven year period, the dogs were trained to kill each other; if they didn’t, they were tortured to death by Mr. Vick and his associates. Why did he run a dog pit? So his sporting pals could “make a living,” too.

    The 60 Minutes interview showed Mr. Vick as sorry for himself. He expressed no remorse for the vicitims of his goulish crimes.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I think the question we need to ask Mr. Vick is – WHAT IF HADN’T GOTTEN CAUGHT? WOULD HE STILL BE COMMITTING THESE CRIMES? He indicated on 60 minutes that he didn’t feel any guilt until he was in prison. Based on this and other factors, we can only deduce that he WOULD still involved in dogfighting. I can’t believe they didn’t ask this on 60 minutes. I hope some interviewer has the courage to ask him this question sometime soon.

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey Lisa – Read my post above yours – DOGS SAVE LIVES. They contribute more to mankind than any other animal. My dog would save your sorry life if he had to. I think you are the sick one to devalue dogs. Sir Walter Scott said something like “dogs possess a share of man’s intelligence and humanity, but none of his falsehood.” Speaking of falsehood, I think Michael Vick’s interview on 60 minutes was a perfect example of it.

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    It is a well-documented fact that many psychopaths/sociopaths begin their “careers” by cruelty to animals (ever hear of Jeffrey Dahmer?). I am not saying that Mr. Vick falls in this category (although he might), but he at least has a MAJOR character flaw that won’t go away no matter how sorry he says he is.

  8. puppy Says:

    Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society should be made to face hungry fighting dogs — he is the one taking advantage of what Vick has done, offering blind forgiveness in exchange for some photo ops and season tickets. If PETA are the Republicans of animal advocacy, Wayne Pacelle is the K Street.

    [Edited for clarity – ML]

  9. Gary S Says:

    Another QB in the news…..

  10. John Ensign, Man of Integrity « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] no one asked Mr. Ensign, a former veterinarian and casino owner, what he thought about Michael Vick or the odds in the […]

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