Blogs With Bite

Blogs With Bite

Blogs with Bite is an occasional omnivorous sampling of food blogs and sites we find particularly tasty. Follow the trail of bread crumbs back to earlier editions, starting here.

The latest serving of Blogs with Bite:

The Local Beet— “Local” means Chicago, but there are well-written blogs and features to interest readers (and eaters) everywhere.

Popcorn! — Website of the nonprofit Popcorn Board. Recipes, Encyclopedia Popcornica, features foe kids and teachers. Season it with the savory history of popcorn feature at USDA’s National Agricultural Library website.

Wild Fermentation— Micro-organisms make your meals tasty and your food longer-lasting. Unique, well-written website by Sandor Ellix Katz (Sandorkraut). Recipes and tips for making sauerkraut, pickles, sourdough, alcohol, and more.

Howcast Food & Cooking Videos — Kitchen skills, techniques, and recipes in a good selection of cuisines. Excellent production values.

Table Matters— Online magazine with outstanding features, particularly in the Culinaria and DIY departments.

Other Kitchens —  First-rate food photos; links to recipes.

Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook — Tasty Turkish cooking blog by Canadian author Binnur Tomay.

Seafood Selector — “Choose fish that are good for you and the ocean” through this webpage by the Environmental Defense Fund.

World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle  — That may be “ketchup” to you, but this monument is in Collinsville, Illinois, former home of Brooks Catsup (now fresher!).

Beer Maps — The Beer Mapping Project. Maps of cities in the U.S.A. and a dozen other countries with locations of breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, beer stores, and homebrew stores. Beer Trip Planner function.

Burnt Lumpia —  Well-written, self-aware blog about Filipino cuisine and Southern California culture. Fun.

Dairy Today — Skim the cream of milk industry news from this Farm Journal website.

Cook Eat Fret—  A cooking blog by Nashville’s Claudia Young.

Food Photography Club— A Flickr photo group. 224 members, 5,644 photos, discussion and tips.

Eat Make Read — Chatty personal cooking blog by Brooklyn’s Kelly Carámbula. Excellent photography.

FoodConsumer — Informative — perhaps too informative — about possible health threats in comestibles. On the other hand, reading it may be an effective appetite suppressant for dieters.

Eat Me Daily — This group blog looks at food, culture, food in culture, and the culture of food. Recent posts: cooking in submarines, a digital Big Mac commerical, food paintings by Philadelphia artist Mike Geno, and a tribute to Gidget the Taco Bell chihuahua (1994 — 2009).


Image: “Take-Out in the Dining Room, after Paul Signac,” by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

Comments are welcome if they are on-topic, substantive, concise, and not obscene. Comments may be edited for clarity and length.

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12 Responses to “Blogs With Bite”

  1. claudia (cook eat FRET) Says:

    thanks for the shout out
    i’m beyond flattered

    here’s to good food…

  2. The Latest “Blogs With Bite” - Bitten Blog - Says:

    […] Mike Licht at, his latest collection of food blogs, including popcorn, sauerkraut and the world’s largest catsup (sic) […]

  3. Gastronomer Says:

    Burnt Lumpia is a favorite of mine. Do check it out if you haven’t already 😉

  4. Marvin Says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! Very much appreciated.

  5. rebecca Says:

    can’t wait to check these out!

  6. Stacey Viera Says:

    Yum and YUM! Thanks for the post!

  7. Rob Gardner Says:

    Just being included with one of our heroes, Sandor Katz, makes us giddy. Thanks a ton for the shout-out!

  8. Pamela Says:

    Hey guys have a look at Grab Your Fork – it’s a great site.

  9. More Awesome Food Blogs… « MadSilence Says:

    […] …from the wonderful blog MotionsCapital: […]

  10. imgreer Says:

    Great list, I look forward to perusing it more.

  11. Blogs With Bite « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] Blogs with Bite is an occasional omnivorous sampling of food blogs and sites we find particularly tasty. Follow the trail of bread crumbs back to earlier editions, starting here. […]

  12. The Purple Foodie Says:

    I love Kelly’s blog Eat Make Read as well! Must check out the others.

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