Sanford Book Deal Flames Out

Sanford Book Deal Flames Out

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had a contract to write a book on economics. After his romantic escapades, the deal is history.

Mr. Sanford, a former financier and real estate broker, is married to a powertool heiress who worked on Wall Street. He was going to write a book called Within Our Means, about fiscal conservatism.

Mr. Sanford’s erstwhile publisher, Sentinel, specializes in conserva-porn, Christian funda-fluff, and 110-percent Americanism. The company is a unit of the British Penguin Group.

Governor: time to trade advisors. Drop Cubby Culbertson and go with Bimky Urban at ICM.  Pen something steamier than fiscal fiction, something about  … Argentina, say. After all, you certainly have a way with passionate prose.

Have Binky get Fabio and your Argentine gal-pal for the cover shoot, and you can write some real fiscal policy of your own.


Mashup by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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4 Responses to “Sanford Book Deal Flames Out”

  1. fredazeh Says:

    Touche! Perhaps he’ll find a market for “Amore With Older Latinas” after all.

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