Honorary Adulterer Ensign

Honorary Adulterer Ensign

“I started Battle Born PAC in 2001 to help elect conservatives throughout the country …. I have launched the Battle Born website in order to engage with Republicans nationwide ….”
Senator John Ensign (R-NV).

Apparently engaging Thy Neighbor’s Wife to Commit Adultery doesn’t require a website, just a blind spot for two out of Ten Commandments (and Thou Shalt Not Steal looks a bit shaky, too).

On the Battle Born PAC website, Senator Ensign quotes the Chaplain of the U.S. Senate in speaking about the Battle Born crusade:


Battle Born is a Leadership PAC (Political Action Commiittee), and is not directly controlled by any political party, and that is why Senator Ensign’s video for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is so radically different:

Financial accounting requirements for PACs and political parties are completely different, too, so that is why Senator Ensign paid his mistress (wife of his Senate staffer) through his Las Vegas-based PAC and her teenaged son through the GOP. Federal election law prevents politicians from using their leadership PAC funds for their own campaigns but does not explicitly forbid payments to sexual partners, and paying the teen son of a mistress out of party campaign funds is as close as most Republicans get to supporting a public summer jobs program for kids. 

The name of Senator Ensign’s PAC comes from the official Nevada state slogan, emblazoned on the state flag, which has spawned the popular historical misconception that Nevada became a state to help the Union side during the Civil War. In fact, Nevada became a Federal Territory to aid the war effort; it gained statehood after the war, during Reconstruction. 


Battle Born PAC on Open Secrets.

Image adapted from the Battle Born PAC website — visit it before it dies of shame.


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One Response to “Honorary Adulterer Ensign”

  1. nonnie9999 Says:

    I don’t care who Ensign or anyone else gets his dinky stinky with, but this is about so much more. There are so many layers (no pun intended). There are the troubling salary increases that coincided with the romps in the sack. There’s also the payments to the son from a committee Ensign ran. Then there’s the new revelation that faux news was told about this story and not only didn’t air it, but probably tipped Ensign off that Doug Hampton was going public. I’m gonna have to buy more popcorn!

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