The Turning Point

While in New York, Gen. Pedro del Valle, Gen. Mac Arthur’s commander of Artillery in Korea, presented [James von Brunn] with John O. Beatty’s [sic] famous Iron Curtain Over America. This book had a tremendous affect upon [James von Brunn’s] life and career. Von Brunn became an historical-revisionist, committed to the belief that the true histories of WWI and WWII had been hidden from the American People.

— James W. von Brunn autobiography on his Artist website.

If Mr. von Brunn actually met Pedro A. del Valle during his years in New York, it is likely the man was either Inspector General of the Marine Corps or retired from the military (he did not serve in Korea).  

Mr. del Valle became a vice-president of ITT in 1948 but retired from that corporation in 1952 to form a group called Defenders of the American Constitution (DAC). The DAC ideology was based on the pseudohistorical concepts of  John Owen Beaty (Beaty’s wife was active in the organization). Mr. Beaty, who served in Army Intelligence during WWII, was an SMU English professor who claimed that his Methodist college was run by Jews, and all Jews are really a Central Asian race, the Khazars, and have been conspiring  for a millennium to overthrow Western Christian civilization.

The pseudoscientific “Khazar theory”  has been the intellectual rationale of many European, American, and Middle Eastern racists, antisemites, and anti-Zionists for well over a century. It holds that European (Ashkenazi) Jews are not descendents of Judeans but of a Turkic central Asian people, the  Khazars, said to have been ruled by a Jewish dynasty in the Tenth Century.  The underlying ssertions have been discredited on historical grounds and (more recently by DNA evidence, but it persists among neo-Nazis, neo-Eurasianists, opponents of the role of Judaism in the Isreali state, and conspiracy theorists like James von Brunn.

Further reading:

“James von Brunn was influenced by far-right General Pedro A. Del Valle,” Adam Holland weblog.

Kevin Coogan, “The Defenders of the American Constitution and the First Postwar Rightwing Revolt Against Globalization.” Paper delivered to the The International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.

“The Khazar Myth and the New Anti-Semitism,” Steven Plaut, The Jewish Press.

“Domestic Terrorism at the Holocaust Museum,” James Ridgeway, Mother Jones.

“Holocaust Museum Shooter Had Close Ties to Prominent neo-Nazis,” Heidi Beirich, Hate Watch.

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  1. Mike Licht Says:

    UPDATE: Jose de la Isla of Hispanic Link News Service has filed on this aspect of the story.

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