Gun Enthusiast Visits DC Museum

Firearms enthusiast James W. von Brunn wore a Confederate Army hat when he visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC this afternoon, firiing his rifle and fatally shooting security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns before he himself was shot by two other guards. The elderly attacker is in critical condition at George Washington Hospital.

The Museum will be closed tomorrow, June 11, 2009,  to honor the memory of Officer Stephen Johns.

88-year-old Mr. von Brunn is a former advertising man, painter, frat boy, WWII Navy veteran, college football player, gun fancier, real estate broker, stock trader, publisher, pamphleteer, White Supremacist, anti-Semite, and conspiracy theorist.

According to the rambling autobiography he posted on an arts website, Mr. von Brunn was born in St. Louis in 1920 and attended that city’s Washington University, where he studied painting and got a degree in Journalism. After Naval service in WWII he lived in New York, resuming his art studies and working in advertising and film/video production. He couldn’t work in Jewish-dominated journalism, he wrote, because he refused to change his German name.

Mr. von Brunn married Patricia Beverly–Giddings  in 1951 and apparently visited Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where his father-in-law, writer A. R.  Beverly–Giddings, owned a “manor house.” A son, Jim, was born, and the family relocated to Maryland in 1962, but the couple divorced due to the strain of Mr. von Brunn’s increasing political activism, he reports.

In 1968, due to a baroom incident in Cambridge, Maryland, Mr. von Brunn says he “was convicted of resisting arrest, drunken driving, etc. …  and sentenced to two-years in jail.”  He credits this to machinations of  “a prominent Jewish business man” and a corrupt judge. Upon his release he moved to Florida, “became a real-estate broker and stock-broker” and married nightclub singer Pat Taylor (now Pat Sadowski, after a divorce 30 years ago). The couple moved to California and had a son, Eric.  In 1976 Mr. von Brunn republished and illustrated a book  by George Robnett, originally printed as  Conquest Through Immigration , under a snappier title,  Zionist Rape of the Holy Land. When his house caught fire soon after, he attributed this to a Jewish conspiracy:

Fearing for his family’s safety, JvB returned to Maryland where he devised a scheme to expose his enemies. He planned and conducted a legal, non-violent, citizens arrest of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, in Washington, D.C. He accused them of treason. The FED, a private corporation, conceived by the Rothschilds, had financed the construction of manufacturing plants in the USSR that produced war materials used against U.S. forces fighting in Korea and Viet Nam. …. JvB was convicted for attempted kidnapping, robbery, burglary, carrying a weapon (not loaded), etc, in a kangaroo court. JvB served 6.5-years of an 11-year sentence.

Mr. von Brunn was released in 1989, and moved in with his sister Alyce back in Easton. His wife remarried; his sons live elsewhere; he exhibits paintings under an assumed name.

What else does he do?

Von Brunn paints and plots.

He does it on the Internet. You can Google him yourself.


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