Slim Jims Factory Blows Up!

Slim Jims Factory Blows Up!

A North Carolina food processing plant that makes spicy Slim Jims™ beef jerky snacks exploded this morning. Is any meat-eating American really surprised?

Haz-Mat teams are on site to deal with Tabasco ammonia leaks. 48 people were hurt, and some were treated for inhalation of fumes (ouch). At last report, 2 workers were unaccounted for killed (see comment below).


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5 Responses to “Slim Jims Factory Blows Up!”

  1. Mike Licht Says:

    UPDATE: Two people are now confirmed dead in the Garner explosion, another is still missing, and several are in critical condition in local hospitals, all in the cause of making food into greasy, salty strips and tubes, chemically-stabilized and packed for long shelf life.

  2. Miami Says:

    Remember the sugar plant explosion in Savannah? And the fatal chlorine train spill in Graniteville SC? Quote-famous redneck last words: “HEY BUBBA, WATCH THIS…

    [Hyperlinks added. – ml]

  3. Mike Licht Says:

    Miami wrote: famous redneck last words: “HEY BUBBA, WATCH THIS…”

    This may not be a case of Deep-Fried-Turkey Syndrome. Industrial accidents in the food processing industry are all too common (the most spectacular are grain elevator explosions). In the Garner situation, the tragedy is compounded by the absolute worthlessness of the product. People died for Slim Jims?

  4. Buffmanda Says:

    Giant corpsestrips of deliciousness.

  5. ballsdanglin Says:

    snap into a slim jim!

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