Hairy News

Hairy News

Hairy news from the Windy City. Delta Laboratories in the Chicago suburbs is marketing Blago Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner (“for really big hair!”), named in honor of disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich (“Blago” is his nickname). Mr. Blagojevich is known for his trademark coiffure, love of Elvis, salty vocabulary, impeachment and removal from office, and pending Federal corruption charges. “”He does have a nice head of hair,” said product creator Dennis Fath.

The slogan of the hair care products — “It’s Bleep’n Golden!” — refers to then-Governor Blagojevich’s comments about the trading value of appointing a U.S. senator to fill the seat vacated by Barack Obama, remarks caught on tape by Federal prosecutors. Obscenities were “bleeped out” when the recordings were released to the media.

The hair products are said to contain Panthenol (“ProVitamin B-5”), keratin and silk proteins, Vitamin E and “extracts of Green Tea, Rosemary, Comfrey and Orchid,” ingredients not heretofore associated with Mr. Blogojevich. Rest easy — the products were not tested on animals, Mr. Blagovejich receives no money from their sale, and the name and likeness of the disgraced Democrat do not appear on the packages.

It’s more than just good clean fun. Shampoo is a reform strategy.  To clean up Illinois politics, start at the top.


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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2 Responses to “Hairy News”

  1. Davis Says:

    I saw that in the Tribune. Wonder if he’s going to sue for royalties

  2. Mike Licht Says:

    Davis Says: Wonder if he’s going to sue for royalties

    I doubt it — his legal bills are high enough without that.

    Rod B.’s likeness and name do not appear on the product or in advertising as of this date, and the nickname “Blago” appears to be in the public domain.

    I’m the only one on my block who isn’t a lawyer, but I think the manufacturer could even be free to write “inspired by former Governor Rod Blagojevich” in advertising and on labels, since RB is a public figure.

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