Meltdown Limits Medical Resources

Meltdown Limits Medical Resources

For the first time in years, hospital employment has declined. Medical facilities are laying off employees in New York City, Philadelphia, and Ohio; Milwaukee-area hospitals lost $45 million in the last five months; over 45 million Americans lack health insurance; public hospitals deny cancer patients chemotherapy; U.S. hospitals are going bankrupt and closing.

Troubled times call for great sacrifices. The School of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco has imposed drastic new financial limits. From this date forward, UCSF doctors and administrators will have to limit expense account wine purchases to $75 per bottle or less.

The repercussions are staggering: per-dose limits are now $15 per glass. What’s next, mandatory prescription of therapeutic substitutes like beer? The unsophisticated palate of Socialized Medicine would leave a bitter, tannic aftertaste throughout California’s Wine Country.

Domestic political considerations may have cushioned the blow at UCSF. Some medical observers suggest that $50-per-bottle limits would have been applied if not for objections from Napa and Sonoma suppliers whose products would have been removed from the university’s formulary.

The new UCSF policy might drive Bay Area medicos to drink, but they’ll have to pay for it themselves. Medical detailers aren’t buying anymore, either.


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One Response to “Meltdown Limits Medical Resources”

  1. pawsinsd Says:

    That’s why Medicare balked at my mother’s bills over the last few years stays at UCSF. We don’t have to worry anymore, she’s dead now, but I’m glad a lot of expensive wine was consumed at her expense and charged to us taxpayers.

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