McCain Responds to the Budget Proposal

McCain Responds to the Budget Proposal

Senator John McCain, speaking for Republicans because Rush Linbaugh was busy, presented his party’s fiscal year 2010 federal budget counter-proposal in words of two letters, all of them spelled “N-O.”

All you whiners must be wondering if former McCain economic advisor Phil Gramm helped draft the response to the Democratic budget. You may recall that Dr. Gramm, ably assisted by his wife, Dr. Wendy Lee Gramm, helped dispense with those pesky regulations that prevented the financial industry from destroying the world economy (and a third of your home’s value) until now. Dr. Wendy has been pretty low-profile since she helped cause the Enron debacle; we assume Dr. Phil is too busy keeping tax-dodging U.S. clients of UBS, his Swiss Bank employer, out of prison.

Mr. McCain admits he’s not good with numbers, so the Republican FY 2010 budget does not emphasize them. Senator McCain simply wants the government to follow the plan he used to achieve his own financial security: get a divorce and marry the boss’s daughter.


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