Did Joe the Plumber Kill Pajamas Media?

Did Joe the Plumber Kill Pajamas Media?

Who killed Pajamas Media? Was it Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick, or Joe the Plumber in Gaza, with a microphone?

The more-or-less conservative PJ Media bloggers network, created by mystery writer Roger L. Simon, realizing it over-estimated the literacy of its audience,  is abandoning money-losing conservative writers  to concentrate on streaming video bankruptcy.

Even real news outfits can’t find a good Web business model, so PJM must figure that it if it can’t generate profit, it might as well generate outrage (and publicity) through “Joe the Plumber, Ace Reporter” and similar dog-bites-media stunts. That’s certainly the kind of plot schtick you find in Mr. Simon’s Moses Wine detective novels (and perhaps in his new autobiography).

Back to PJM’s Bloody Blog-Bludgeoning.

 The Story So Far:


The victim COLLAPSED  and was reported DEAD (gone BYE-BYE or  BELLY-UP). Eyewitnesses claimed this DEMISE was an ASSASSINATION by someone resembling a certain Hollywood mystery novelist-screenwriter-entrepreneur (“BACK-STABBING DOUCHE“). 

 There were allegations of more mayhem — arson (UP IN SMOKE), aggravated assault (KICKED TO THE CURB), littering (DUMPS BLOGGERS) and product liability (FLAMMABLE PAJAMAS). Relatives of the victim are understandably UNHAPPY, especially since the alleged perpetrator is known to have employed a hired gun in the past (I SHOT ROGER’S TRADEMARK), and they wonder: “WHERE DID THE PAJAMAS MEDIA MONEY GO?

Another mystery: is the PJM Bloggers Network really a victim of financial crisis and Web 2.0 evolution? Maybe it’s just another Gaza battle casualty, collateral damage inflicted by the cost of sending Joe Wurzelbacher to war as PJM’s media scold.

After snaking out the Middle East peace pipeline and fixing finances for PJ Media’s bloggers, Joe the Plumber is coming to DC to make sure those White House Commies don’t fund phony-baloney make-work jobs for real working people. Pajamas Media has given Joe the monopoly on that.


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here.Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

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4 Responses to “Did Joe the Plumber Kill Pajamas Media?”

  1. Libby Says:

    Hey Mike. Thanks for the shout out. Love your blog.

  2. wellwellwell Says:

    What happened to America? Joe the Plumber advising the GOP? A “reporter”? Can this country be that stupid? Hey people, go back to school. Learn to read and write, learn science, be a little more intellectual, the number one strategy the United States of America needs!! What bull! Does he know where countries are before commenting … I am speechless. [Edited for clarity — ml]

  3. Carolelynne Says:

    Thank god I was not drinking coffee as I was reading this. It would have meant yet another keyboard sacrificed to the laughter of the coffee goddess.

    I am not one of those complaining about JtPs new role as GOP adviser. He is as well qualified as most conservatives to take on two chambers full of morons. 1. He has no acquaintance with reality. 2. He sees that as a GOOD thing.

    Maybe he can kill off a few more conservative sites. I nominate unFree unRepublic and notNational and notReviewed, for starters.

  4. Joe The Plumber, Congressman? « NotionsCapital Says:

    […] “Did ‘Joe the Plumber’ Kill Pajamas Media?” NotionsCapital […]

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